• Top 5 Stick Cleansers
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    My 5 Fave Stick cleansers. Bloguary Day 4

    Ok, you caught me… I Love Cleansers I have a thing for cleansers; of all kinds but my personal favourite seem to be stick cleansers at the moment. I don’t know why this is. Maybe its because no matter what happened in the day, washing my face makes me feeel calm. Or maybe its because washing my face in the morning is that step between malarking about at home and going out and conquering the world. My fascination for stick cleansers: Stick Cleansers are such a darling in the stash. What’s not to love really? Its a convenient travel friendly, TSA friendly ( no liquids remember?) They make a great no mess/ fuss option…

  • Happy Smiley Face of the blogger Elle
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    Mental Health and the brown blogger- Bloguary Day 2

    Why specifically the Ethnic asian community? Mental Health seems to be word of 2018/2019. But…it seems to have evaded ethnic cultures and this isn’t an oversight ๐Ÿ™ . This is why I thought that I’d focus specifically on this; The Asian/ brown community and Mental Health. Ever seen an ethnic person open up about feeling hashtag blue? January is … apparently most depressing month of the year. So is it something that we need to talk about? Yes! Yes. YES… It’s finally our culture owned up to how we view Mental Health. Our community needs a wakeup call. Why? Because if we don’t everyone becomes a statistic. It is okay…

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    Bloguary – Day 1- The blurb

    Why Bloguary? Basically because I started the blog with an idea of giving info about beauty products I love, a lineup of my faves, a travel diary, lifestyle etc. Plus this year I’m going to hit the big 4 OH. Its a journey into how I’m switching up my life, keeping check on those days when its just grand ( and the not so great ones) . A virtual conversation. ( i talk to myself all the time, so this is not that different is it? Or is it? The writer’s block I suffer, it’s in my head. So fingers to keyboard and chat it is ๐Ÿ™‚ So What will…

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    My Ultimate Beauty Book Collection- Bloguary Day 5

    Ok I have a problem I love beauty and everything related to it. Yours truly also is a bookworm. Very big bookhead. Added to this, I may have a hoardi…erm collecting situation. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Therefore it can be successfully concluded that I love Beauty Books. Lots of them. Some would call this a cornucopia of reading material…a collection. I call this my Ultimate Beauty Book Selection. Sali Hughes Pretty Iconic. Sali Hughes is one of the most talented journalists that we have in the UK. She’s not only a prolific writer, she’s also a beauty journalist with a column in the Guardian. This is her second book ( the first; Pretty…